Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Film Review: Third Person Singular Number

Third Person Singular Number is a story of the struggle between modernity and tradition in Bangladesh. The film focuses on young Ruba Haque who finds herself trying to make it on her own in Dhaka after her husband, Munna, is sent to jail.

When Munna is sent to jail, Ruba is sent away from her in-laws house and must find a job and a place to live. Ruba does not want to live with her mother because she bears a grudge against her due to her mother's own moral transgressions, but Ruba's other family members refuse to house her so she is faced with having to let an apartment on her own. As a single woman, though, Ruba finds that her options are limited – and what options she does have often come with a very steep price.

Third Person Singular Number, the third film by director Mostofa Sarwar Faruki, examines issues of culture, gender, and social class in a country that many view incorrectly as homogeneous and slow to change. But watching Faruki's film, many Americans – particularly young women – just might find that they can relate to Ruba's struggle more than they expect.

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