Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Movie Review: A Fairy Tale (Rupkothar Golpo)

I recently watched a newly acquired copy of A Fairy Tale (Bangla title: Rupkothar Golpo), a film by director Toukir Ahmed.

A Fairy Tale stars Humayun Faridi, Chanchal, Toukir, Shumi, Mamunur Rashid, and Fima, and tells the story of a man experiencing a string of bad luck, who comes to care for a small baby while the mother goes off with a truck driver. The mother is a woman who came to Dhaka in search of her missing husband, only to find herself abandoned to the streets with no way to support herself or her baby.

The film is not your typical American fairy tale, and is certainly not for children. There are no secret princes or fairy godmothers coming to the rescue. Instead, viewers are presented a fairly gritty (though sometimes comical) display of urban reality as two young adults try to find themselves and their place in the world.

The DVD is distributed by the Dhaka company Laser Vision, which means that outside Bangladesh your best bet is to find your nearest Bangladesh imports shop, or look online.

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